Get all your 7 needs: Life, Health, Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperity and Wealth by divine protocols of 3 steps! .
By (1) Prayer, (2) Faith and (3) Actions of proper diligence, God will grant your needs or delay for great reasons or offer better options. Contact us for support (Philippians 4:19). .
God has the ultimate power
See! We pray, we encourage, we motivate, we support, we advice and we recommend ways or ideas to help solve your problems by trusting in God. Our approach is to do the right things in the right ways by Godly wisdom or by the spirit of discernment.

God is wonderful but simple VND! .
Welcome to Talent Mission Church International! Thank you for visiting us! Note this! There is an answer to every problem. It takes just 3 steps to get needed results or divine solutions to any problems you may have. The 3 steps are; (1) Prayer, (2) Faith and (3) Actions. Each step must be genuine and proper for God to hear you. If your request is of God`s plan, it will surely be granted. With good reasons, God may delay your request. If God has a better choice for your need, He may deny your request. God is of truth, integrity and holiness (the spiritual power to solve problems with cleanliness). .
God can solve your problems (By Prophet Prof. Prince Awuah David) .
Psalm 55:22 (Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; .....). Matthew 19:26 (.....With God all things are possible). .
We found and grouped all our human needs into 7 important categories, needs of; (1) Life, (2) Health, (3) Peace, (4) Love, (5) Joy, (6) Prosperity and (7) Wealth in that order of divine priority. Any specific need of yours, you can name it, but it will fall under at least one of these 7 areas.
God is not of confusion but truth and integrity to supply your needs through (1) Prayer, (2) Faith and (3) Action, if you properly follow these 3 divine protocols in getting Godly results. You must pray to the ultimate God, believe in Him and then do your part well by action.
Knowing the right bible quotes that support your specific needs will help motivate you and build your faith to trust God for results. Just as lawyers cite cases that have won in court, you can duel on quotes that won in the Bible to win. Find versus to support your needs! Hosea 4:6.
There are solutions to any problems you have. Now! All you need is to find what is required and how to solve them. We can truly help spiritually and physically, if you do not doubt or do false imaginations. You may contact us and be ready for help by; prayer, faith and actions.
God created you by purpose with unique gifts for you, possibly as talents, skills, passion, career, profession, personality, influence, abilities, looks, smiles, parents or good contacts etc. You, like anyone has unique Godly gifts. You may need a divine protocol to optimize it. We can help.
We can pray with you, for you, anyone, any group or any entity in any circumstance against anything bad or for anything good.
My brother or sister! God gave you unique gifts in the form of special talents, skills, capabilities, career, profession, business, parents, contacts, resources, personality, smiles, influence, knowledge, ideas, leadership and special attributes etc. So, you are worth something great and valuable to yourself and to society. All the devil and his agents want is to steal them, destroy them or get you killed as indicated in John 10:10. Never fear at all and never be deceived by the devil or his agents of negativity and failure, because God is more powerful than the devil and He created you too for a great purpose. Human beings may deceive you, but God will never deceive you, if you genuinely trust in Him. Find out and see! We are ready to pray with you or for you or for anyone who believe in God or need help. You may be an individual or a group or an entity or a society or a nation. We also pray for good things and against bad things such as diseases and illnesses in this world that God created for us to live in. We pray against health issues, including; covid19, Blood Pressure (BP), Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Infertility, Back Pains, Joint Pains, Headaches, Disabilities, Strange Diseases and Abnormal Illnesses etc. We all live in this world as an ecosystem with interactions, be it divine or physical. Human beings truly need each other. It is true love and genuine care that make proper mutual interactions possible. Seek our support or join us for divine results by prayers, faith and actions of proper steps that solve problems. You are very welcome! We can assist you with prayers, motivate you to build faith, show reasons to trust God by using the Word of God. We can also suggest reliable directions and or offer you guidance by the spirit of discernment or wisdom. When possible, we can provide any physical support needed to help you solve any problem you may have. We can also recommend you to a specific group for special help. May God protect you and bless you as well as each of us?

Amen! (By Prophet Professor Prince Awuah David, Alias Divine Ninja or Ninja PAD who fight evil battles with prayer, faith and action to win and honor God)

Our general prayers are for the 7 important human needs.

1. Life
2. Health
3. Peace
4. Love
5. Joy
6. Prosperity
7. Wealth

Our specific prayer topics may involve or relate to any need or any issue you may have including the few ones below. Good things will come from God, when you how to ask God why you must trust in Him and what to do well and genuinely as your part (Hosea 4:6)

• Abuses
• Addiction
• Anxiety
• Asset
• Blessings
• Business
• Cancer
• Career
• Cheating
• Corruption
• Conspiracies
• Crimes
• Curses
• Deception
• Deities
• Delays
• Diabetes
• Disobedience
• Disrespect
• Divorce
• Doubts
• Education
• Embarrassment
• Employment
• Envy
• Evil
• Exam
• Expectations
• Failure
• Fear
• Fertility
• Filth
• Finances
• Hatred
• Headaches
• Help
• Holiness
• Injustice
• Insults
• Learning
• Lies
• Marriage
• Pains
• Plans
• Politics
• Profession
• Progress
• Protection
• Psychiatry
• Religion
• Sales
• Skills
• Spirits
• Sports
• Shrines
• Stress
• Stroke
• Success
• Talent
• Thefts
• Threats
• Traveling
• Uncertainty
• Waste
• Weakness
• Wickedness
• Witches
• Worries
• Z – All Others etc.
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You need a website
  1. 1. What to get a website for?

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  2. 2. Why you need a website?

    With a website or a webpage for what you do (your company, business, sales, rentals, services, skills, passion, school or church etc), anyone can easiy find you at anytime, from anywhere and for any need. A website or a webpage helps promote you to grow faster and easily by efficiency through technology use. It is just the use of technology, specfically, the world wide web of the internet via any device; smartphones, iPads, notebooks, laptops or PCs etc. A website provides, convencience, efficiency and cost-savings, because you do not need to go out, walk and physically search or pay for transport in finding what you need. A website helps businesses to get new customers easily and promotes great respect from new clients. With the internet, once online, you can be found worldwide and that makes your entity international visible. The internet the most powerful technology for the purpose of efficiency.

  3. 3. Where to get a website?

    You can get a full website (multiple web pages linked) or a Webpage (A single page website). It is nice, easy and fast by using our VND App. Click any (Design) tools, if listed on top of this web page and see how you can create a new unique webpage! Follow only 2 steps; (1) Design page and (2) Change content by clicking (Edit) to go into the black box action window by using a V-Code. If you can't do it yourself or need help, we have agents who can help you. Just contact us; send an e-mail to or call 0241907371 in Ghana (with national dial code 233) now!

  4. 4. How to earn via website?

    Great technology is the best and fastest means to get more money easily and genuinely now. For instance, you can help create low-cost websites for people and earn money by using our fast and easy VND App at any time, anywhere and for anyone. You can also create your own website and use it to earn more money fast (We can show you how, once you create your website or webpage). You may work alone or work with us or create your own work group etc to use our VND for great and easy income. Avoid any potential laziness, fear, hesitations, barriers or excuses and earn money now, because poverty is disease and may bring a curse with hardship, slavery and suffering.

  5. 5. Join us and be trained!

    Call us at 0241907371 or e-mail now! We are ready to train you with our serious commitment to your success. Note! Poverty may be caused by laziness or a negative mindset or lack of opportunity or lack of motivation or lack of leadership or lack of knowledge or an attack. (By Prophet Professor Prince Awuah David). We train people within minutes to start work. All you need is just a smart phone with internet. We can help provide internet data after you prove to be serious.